Experience the ultimate combination of nature and craftsmanship with Melting Fire Candles. Each candle is individually poured and designed to bring a healthy and invigorating atmosphere to your home. Breathe and live in a natural and handmade environment with our candles.

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Welcome nature to your home.


    Like honey, beeswax is all natural. It has antibacterial properties and release negative ions which purify the air in your surroundings. It provides a warm glow and a strong scent throw.


    Coconut wax is non-toxic, non-GMO product made out of cold pressed coconut meat. It is a sustainable product which does not contribute to deforestation.


    We use 100% pure essential oils which is ethically sourced and cruelty free. It is a renewable and biodegradable product bringing you the best fragrances of nature.

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Our candles have a strong throw.

We use essential oils in all our candle blends and in every candle! Essential oils are extracted from plants and share their strongest, natural fragrances. The age strong too in the wax!

Beeswax purify the air around you.

When burning, the wax releases negative ions in the air and attract harmful pollutant, dust and other nasties. This helps us breathe healthy and clean.

Our candles burn longer and slower.

Due to the use of dense and heavy natural waxes, the candle provides a longer burn and a warm glow.

TIP- Make sure to always trim your wick to make this possible!

Our candles do not produce soot or release VOC.

The purifying natural waxes and pure essential oils create a calming and natural environment for you. They are GMO free, phthalates free and contain no synthetics.


All candles are presented in a hand stamped cotton bag. This makes the packaging reusable for many household and personal uses. We like to decorate small plant pots or store grains.